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Gran Canaria Trekking

  • alleys with veritable oasis of banana, orange and avocado plantations
  • Tiny white villages, exotic palms and colorful bougainvillea
  • Huge contrast between the lush North and the arid South
  • Gran Canaria’s volcanic and sculpted terrain
  • The Caminos Reales: an extensive network of historic footpaths

From: 510 €

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S-cape travelDifficulty

 Duration: 8 day
Start: Agaete
Finish: Las Palmas


Gran Canaria Trekking

At first glance on arrival, when compared to the beauty of La Gomera or La Palma, Gran Canaria is almost a fright. Dry terrain, poorly-planned building and farming in hot-houses. As you cross over to the north coast, near Galdar, the terrain opens up. At the end of the motorway, a true marvel appears: Agaete Valley with its veritable oasis of banana, orange and avocado plantations with tiny white villages, exotic palms and colorful bougainvillea. Your journey begins here, as you start to explore the mountainous terrain on this extraordinary island. As is often the case, the north side of the island is lush and green, while the south is more arid. Extremely vertical landscapes drop down into the Atlantic, with deeply carved ravines, high plateaus with pastures, bay laurel woods, pine forests and terraced farms with almond orchards and prickly pear cacti. Gran Canaria’s volcanic and sculpted terrain plummets from the heart of the island — la Cumbre — straight down into the sea. At the centre of the island, two peaks stand out: Roque Nublo and Bentayga, towering high above deep ravines. In pre-Spanish times, these 2 peaks were named by the Berber peoples who settled the islands, the Guanches. In more recent times, an extensive network of paths and classic routes known as the Caminos Reales was developed. These footpaths form part of a demanding trek designed to make the most of the island’s surprising geography. This destination is also offered as an 8-day self-drive trip, with easier walking routes and accommodation at welcoming rural hotels.


Day 1: Arrival in the Canary Islands

Flight to Gran Canaria airport and taxi transfer (approx 1hr) to Agaete, on the island’s rugged north-west coast. Arrival at your accommodation, situated just outside the town a midst orange and banana plantations, and time to relax by the pool to start off your holiday.

Day 2: On the Camino Real, via Mirador de la Paloma

After a delicious breakfast of orange juice, warm bread and all sorts of sweet and savory toppings, you start your first walk right from the hotel entrance. All over the Canary Islands, the shortest route is by way of the nearest barranco (at least it is in dry season). You walk up among fronds of bamboo with a chance to select a light-weight yet very strong walking stick to use throughout the trip. In the village of San Pedro, you start your ascent along the Camino Real to Montaña Bibique (645m), a rugged outcropping with fabulous views over Agaete Valley. You walk further on, to the vista point at Mirador Vuelta de la Paloma (850m), with views out over several valleys. The descent from Puerto de las Nieves follows a narrow gravel path along the ridge. Bus or taxi back to Agaete. Today’s route is NOT recommended if you are afraid of heights. 10,5km; 525m in ascent; 4,5 hrs.

Day 3: From Agaete to Tejeda

Views to impressive summit of la Cumbre, to your next accommodation, where you’ll spend three days at a comfortable hotel situated high up in the mountains, in the village of Tejeda. After a short taxi transfer (10min), you walk up the valley (to reach an elevation of 485m), then go straight on up along the ancient Camino Real through a remote ravine. After 2 hrs walking, you’ll have done 555m in ascent! From the village of Fagajesto, you encounter a section on tarmac, but the route is free of traffic and you walk along a high ridge surrounded by pastures, barns, flocks of sheep and dairies where cheese is made. Stop to rest a bit before you begin the second steep ascent of the day, following footpaths through the fir forests near Galdar to reach an elevation of 1715m. Then you start your descent to the crossroads at Cruz de Tejeda. Time to stop for some refreshment – a cold beer or some hot chocolate – before you walk down off the ridge, where 25-degree temperatures will have you stripping down to your T-shirt! When misty and cool up high, temperatures is Agate may be some 15 degrees warmer. The rest of the descent, to Tejeda, takes you down the south side of an extinct volcanic crater, with views to the sea. 16km; 1300m in ascent, 700m in descent; 7,5 hrs.

Day 4: Around Roque Nublo

This walk traverses beautiful terrain, on steep slopes around Roque Nublo, a rocky out-cropping teetering on the edge of a plateau. This may not be the highest peak on the island but it is certainly the most easily identified, as it’s visible from almost anywhere on the island. The walk starts directly from your front door. After 1km the tarmac gives way to steep paths which zig-zag up toward Roque Nublo. The peak’s volcanic origins become evident higher up and you gaze hundreds of meters down steeply eroded ravines. On the descent, you follow a different route – through a peaceful fir forest – to reach the col where you can catch a bus back to Tejeda. 13km, 840m in ascent, 460m in descent; 5,5hrs.

Day 5:  Walk from Tejeda, via Altavista

After three long walking routes, today you do one of the loveliest walks on this program over Altavista ridge, at the edge of Tamadaba Natural Park on a huge extinct crater (caldera). You’ll walk all day in the sun, with clouds below you and sweeping views all the way to Tenerife. The same bus which takes you to the start of the walk in the morning, will picks you up this afternoon in Artenara.
After the walk, you’ll have time to visit the Spice Center in Tejeda, for insight on the island’s traditional use of medicinal plants. There’s a botanical garden and laboratory, and you’ll have the option of sampling different spices. Tejeda also has a small ethnographic museum and cultural centre with ongoing exhibits. This evening, enjoy the sunset from the hotel (roof-top) terrace, with the silhouette of Bentayga Peak in the background. 13,5km; 425m in ascent; 375m in descent; 4,5hrs.

Day 6: From Tejeda to La Lechuza

After a short 10min transfer to La Culata (elevation 1225m), you begin a walking route which takes you up over la Cumbre toward the green north sector of the island. The first part of the ascent (up to Roque Nublo, by way of yesterday’s route) gets you to 1620m. Then you follow the ridge for about an hour, enjoying views to Gran Canaria’s highest peak, Pico de las Nieves (1951m). Your descent follows footpaths and rural tracks all the way to your accommodation. Unfortunately, to reach La Lechuza there’s no way to avoid doing the last 2,5km on tarmac. But your reward is great: a swim in the pool awaits! 12,5km; 500m in ascent, 700m in descent; 5hrs.

Day 7: Walking route OR visit Las Palmas

Today you choose between a long, demanding walk through ravines north of la Cumbre OR a day trip to Las Palmas. The stunning part of the walking route, aside from the stupendous views, is the variety of vegetation to be found in the “barrrancos” (canyons) – where all types of fruit, vegetables and even chestnut trees are grown. If you decide to visit Las Palmas today, you start off with a walk to San Mateo (45min, 2.75km, mostly downhill) There, you catch a bus to Las Palmas de G.C. which drops you off in the historic town center known as La Vegueta. In addition to the town’s interesting Castillan-style colonial architecture, you also have Santa Ana Cathedral and the Casa de Colon, where Christopher Columbus was a lodger for a time before undertaking his long journey overseas. There’s also the Museo Canario, with the island’s best collection of archaeological artifacts  At the end of the day, bus back to San Mateo and walk / taxi back to your hotel. 15,5km; 715m in ascent/descent; 6,5hrs.

Day 8: End of programme

Your arrangement comes to an end today after breakfast. Departure from Canary Islands.


Dates & prices


  • 7 nights accommodation, on bed and breakfast basis
  • 2 dinners
  • Transfer from airport to first accommodation
  • Transfer from last accommodation to airport
  • Luggage transport on days 3 and 6
  • Transfers for days 3,5 and 6, according to program
  • Detailed route notes and maps in English
  • 24-hour telephone assistance, just a phone call away

Not Included:

  • Flights to and from Canary Islands
  • Other meals
  • Other transfers
  • Personal expenses such as drinks, phone calls, extra transfers, etc.
  • Any items that have not been specifically mentioned in the program

Optional Services:

  • Additional night/s can be booked at any of the standard accommodations along the way

Dates & prices

Trip availability: Year round

From January 09, 2013 to April 30, 2013

  • in triple room: 525 €/person
  • in double room: 640 €/person
  • in single room: 840 €/person
  • solo traveler: 990 €/person

From May 01, 2013 to October 31, 2013

  • in triple room: 510 €/person
  • in double room: 625 €/person
  • in single room: 805 €/person
  • solo traveler: 955 €/person

From November 01, 2013 to December 14, 2013

  • in triple room: 525 €/person
  • in double room: 640 €/person
  • in single room: 840 €/person
  • solo traveler: 990 €/person

From December 15, 2013 to January 09, 2014

  • in triple room: 535 €/person
  • in double room: 655 €/person
  • in single room: 865 €/person
  • solo traveler: 1015 €/person


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